Why is it so hard to finish what we’ve started? When I say we I actually mean us as WOMEN. Just in case you haven’t realized it yet the majority of the things on our website is geared towards WOMEN. Only because we hope our audience can relate. {Men are welcome too but only if they see things from a female’s perspective-LOL}

So going back to the question why is it so hard to finish what we start? How many of you reading this post right now started going to college but dropped out due to new relationships, didn’t fit with family schedules or etc. Believe it or not most of us stop our dream jobs or things we are passionate about to appease or accommodate others.

When will we start to put ourselves first?

Remember that it’s not too late to start what you’ve always dreamed of starting. Whether it’s a family, a business, going back to college or just creating a better you,take a little time and DO IT. One thing to remember when you’re running in this race called life, don’t focus on the people in the race with you. The only person that you’re competing against is you. Go back and finish what you’ve started! You got this-LK

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