As women, if most of us are honest with ourselves we can admit that we are simply AFRAID when it comes to starting over. Why is it so hard for us to push the reset or redo button and just startover? When it comes to starting a new life,moving to a new location, breaking off the old relationship,starting a new relationship,or starting a new job,most women are afraid. Petrified probably better describes it. These are simple examples of what makes most of us afraid but truth is when something makes us step out on faith or stretches us to our limit that’s we need to tap into moving to the next level and not let fear consume our abilities to be successful.

I remember one time God gave me the vision of hosting an event for sexual abuse, domestic violence and breast cancer awareness. I later called this event I Survived! but it was so many things that went into this event that I wasn’t comfortable with like sharing the secret of being abused in my first marriage and being a victim of molestation at age 11 by a family member. Although I was a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse but I wasn’t quite ready to share that on a platform yet. This is one moment when I knew I needed to face my fear. One thing that I’ve started to ask myself when I have my fearful moments is what’s the worst that can happen? When you answer those questions then allow yourself to move forward without fear.

This is somewhat an old saying about fear but it really holds true: Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

Never allow fear to rob you of being the better person that you are or can be.

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9 thoughts on “Inspiration|Facing Fear

  1. I definitely have felt that way. I think when we honor our feelings about the sexual or domestic abuse we have had in our lives. Then we can begin to work through these issues in our lives.


  2. Powerful post and this is so well said “Never allow fear to rob you of being the better person that you are or can be.” ❤️


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