Empowering young women: giving them the voice in society to help them achieve to their fullest potential. One doesn’t need to set out on a mission to change the worlds or even a singular person’s view on this subject. The person’s view we need to develop is that of younger woman in our society to stop thinking they can’t do it, and giving them the knowledge, encouragement and education to know they can achieve it.

There are activities that can develop a young woman’s self-esteem in platforms such as political, economic, and cultural: Let’s look at some activities.

Decision Making Skills: 

Whether the role is social, as an employee, in a marriage, or at home, a woman should always be a participant in any decision-making process.

Communication Skills:

Young women need to develop a strong communication skill to make sure they are being heard. They must learn to speak clearly, articulately and with solid conviction to build their character, so they can be clearly understood and have a more active role in social and other situations in society.

Leadership Skills:

I believe that of the skills listed; young women must be shown a path to leadership roles. Leadership roles play a key factor in a young woman’s confidence. It enables her to take affirmative action when needed to maintain her position.

Unfortunately, empowering young women in today’s society is no longer a choice. To achieve the strengths that were listed above there are several things that we and society can do to make sure they have those skills:

1. Provide the proper education

When you educate a young woman, she will be able to take care of herself without having to rely on anyone else’s opinion or pressure. She will know her rights, be able to perform at a job thru skills she has received with her education. It will start her foundation to a more secure future where her options aren’t limited.

2. Teach them appreciation for those that surround her

When a young woman starts gaining empowerment she should first acquire this within the family unit. As a parent, make sure that they always feel valued and equal to everyone else. It’s sometimes hard to believe that within today’s society young woman at home are still taking a backseat to the male presence. 

4. Be a mentor 

In today’s environment young women are living surrounded by and affected by violence, drugs, bad influences, drinking, and a lack of structure. Reach out to them. Mentor them. Share your blessings and be the structure and encouragement she may need in her life.

5. Help young woman find a youth program

When provided with the proper skills, you are helping create an independent and strong young woman. There are many programs that offer engagement, mentoring, job skills, and job placement. If there isn’t one in your area, take the initiative with a local school or YMCA and see if they can develop or bring an already developed program to their schedule. Many of these programs help young woman overcome life’s challenges. 

When you give a young woman the right values, the proper education and skills in leadership and decision-making, she will develop into a strong woman. This doesn’t just happen, it’s developed. Young woman need a support system and proper examples.  It all starts with you.


 Please take a moment to meet our guest blogger:

Nancy Mulligan






2 thoughts on “Guest Post| A ROAD MAP TO EMPOWER YOUNG WOMEN

  1. This is a meaningful and inspiring post. It is very important for young women to have a positive mentor who can keep them on the path to success. In a world full of so much negativity, that mentor can be a light in someone’s world and make a difference.


    1. Thank you for commenting! Because teens and young adults see so many people that they assume are role models either on social media or via television, it’s very important to provide them with positive role models that are obtainable. Such as teachers, local entrepreneurs or any other positive influences

      Liked by 1 person

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