Well hello to you my reader chums! Self confidence is something that develops over time, and is different for every person. Although believing in yourself and loving who you are can be one of the trickiest lessons to learn in life, it’s also something that benefits individuals immensely. Through my teenage years, I really struggled with self confidence and it took a while to start believing in myself, however over time I eventually got there. Whilst self confidence is a tricky topic, here’s a few things I did to feel more self confident…

Wear what you feel comfortable in

The first step for feeling confident on the inside, is feeling confident on the outside – and that means rocking your best outfit. Whether it’s a comfy pair of jeans, cute skater dress or a new lipstick which makes you feel a 10/10, put it on and rock it. Once you feel that little bit more confident in what you’re wearing, then naturally, you’ll be a little more confident on the inside.

Do what you love

When you’re doing an activity you love, you automatically feel better in yourself and that adds to your self confidence. Whether it’s writing a book, performing on stage, baking or whatever it may be, having fun helps boost up your self esteem.

Surround yourself with positive people

There’s a saying that goes ‘an entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship’, likewise the negativity of the world can’t affect you, unless you listen to it. The world will always have bitter and jealous people, however there are also brilliant, positive people who will encourage your every endeavor – and those are the ones to stick with. If you have someone negative in your life that is always putting you down, cut them out – you don’t need them. Surround yourself with those who support and compliment you, and spread positivity with one another.

Give yourself compliments

A little bit of vanity never hurt anyone. One of the biggest steps in boosting your appearance is giving yourself compliments. It may sound silly but if you boost yourself up before leaving the house, then you’ll automatically feel that extra bit more positive and happy in your appearance – and go out with your head held high. The best way is to look in the mirror and point out what you love most and focus on that. The same will go for a day at work or an event – if you don’t feel too confident about going, point out the good things and what you will enjoy, and then you’ll feel a little bit more confident about going.

Step out of your comfort zone

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and that can go hand in hand with self confidence. If you say yes to new opportunities and experiences, it’ll open doors and grow your self confidence. It’ll allow you to meet new people, see new things and ultimately step out of what you’re comfortable with. Although doing these things can be daunting and ever so nerve wracking, once you step out of it, you’ll feel all the more confident for doing so.

Thanks for reading ❤️

My bio: I’m Della, a 20-something self-confessed travel and beauty addict. I blog everything about travel, beauty, lifestyle and books over on http://www.dellalovesnutella.co.uk/. You’ll either find me planning my next trip away, writing down my thoughts, reading a novel or baking. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/delladriscollx

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dellaaaaxx/

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8 thoughts on “Guest Blogger| How to Feel Self Confident

  1. Hi Della! This is such a great post. It’s amazing what wearing what you want and loving what you do does to your confidence in an instant! thanks for sharing!💕


  2. These are great tips. Except for the “surround yourself with positive people” one. That one whenever I read it kinda hurts me a little. I’m suffering from mental health issues you see. I can’t help but be negative. It’s not that I don’t support my friends, I am happy with their goals and successes. It’s just that I tend to be pessimistic, I see the negative side to things. I used to think that it’s a good balance especially when decision-making. But somehow I feel as if I’m holding my friends back. When I read that quote floating around and my friends sharing it, I slowly withdrew. I don’t want to be a burden.

    Sorry for sharing something negative here. Feel free to delete if unnecessary. 🙂


    1. Dawn thank you for commenting. In this article, the guest blogger is referring to people who purposely mean and evil-which are things that can be controlled. When someone has mental health issues these are things that may not be able to be controlled. We appreciate you for responding to this post and we would never erase your response because it’s very relevant especially to people who suffer from mental illness


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