I don’t see myself as a love guru most of the time but being in a relationship for two years has taught me a lot of things about myself,how I interact with other people or just being in a relationship in general.

In a relationship you will be faced with different situations and stages in your relationship but one thing that will help you two to stay together is communication.

Communication was one of the first things I learned in my relationship and I had to do serious work on. I naturally am more inclined to closing up when I’m upset or being sarcastic but my SO (significant other) told me from the beginning that he is bad at reading signs and would need me to talk to him instead of expecting him to just know. This was a chore for me at first but over time I discovered it was easy for me to tell him what was on my mind at any point in time even if it wasn’t a current issue. Over time, we learned to talk about things in advance and how we would deal with it and when the issue did arise again we would be able to move past it easily.

Deeper level of understanding.

Once you’re officially in a relationship you have some certain things that you will talk about such as your values, plans for your relationship and how slow or fast you will progress. It will seem awkward talking about major things like that at the beginning but if you can have those type of conversations you will find smaller issues easier to talk about and there will be a deeper level of understanding between both of you.


If you can talk with your significant other about anything to everything, there will be a feeling of closeness. You probably got into the relationship by your conversations, finding out you had some similarities then developing a crush so communication should be healthily increased during the relationship, share jokes and anecdotes, even have intellectual debates.

Conflict resolution

If you already have a nice system of communication with your SO, dealing with conflicts will be a lot easier, thete will also be less cases of miscommunication related issues.

How is your communication system in your relationship right now? Are you planning to improve your communication skills?

My name is Toni Adebisi, an 18 year old student of anatomy. I am a hair and fitness blogger and a story writer. I love helping people in any way I can and working to be a psychiatrist.

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