Just Be You

Ever since I can remember I had always hated the way I looked. I was always the shortest and slowest kid in my class and I weighed more than the other girls in my class and was never popular.

I was bullied for everything! Being smart, being fat and having a deformity. I was born with two thumbs on the same hand. One thumb was removed but the one that remains doesn’t look like a thumb. I always thought it is something to do with me, I am wrong. I even stopped eating for a week to make myself thin, till my mom took me to the doctor’s and I got scared.

I carried this hate with me till the age of 25, that was when I discovered the plus size community. I finally found people just like me, bigger men and women who embraced their bodies instead of punishing themselves. They said “I love myself, and you can too”. Everything before them was “I used to hate myself, but then I lost weight and now I love myself”. I had tried every diet going and I just didn’t stick to them.

I began reading blogs and looking at people on social media and thinking I want to be like them. When I was 27 I finally thought I need to stop hurting myself with my words and thought of how much I hate my body. I decided every day I would spend a couple minutes looking in the mirror and pick 1 thing that I like about myself, either physically or emotionally. Then I would look at myself and say it.

I started with my nose, it may sound silly but it is probably the only feature I have never had a problem with, I think it is very cute, quite button like, so I would just say it to myself, “I have a very nice nose”, being totally truthful I felt like an idiot the first few times I did it, because I thought people would laugh at me but no one saw me, no one knew what I did, so how would they laugh?

Every couple of days I would change what I loved and now when I look in the mirror all I see is the positives, I see a face that has pretty eyes and a cute nose, a mouth that has got me in trouble sometimes, but also helps me speak my mind. A body that lets me walk around and have fun and takes me places I want to go, a body that my husband loves.

Now I am older and a lot more confident in my body, I understand it isn’t about accepting fat people, it’s about accepting everyone. So not hating yourself because you’re fat or thin, it’s about loving yourself for being different. You are amazing and there is no one else like you in the whole world. So you do you and do what is best for you. Just do you and be happy with who you are. If everyone was alike in this cookie cutter society it would be a very boring world! Let your difference make you who you are.

Love you lots ❤️



Lottie Corbett is a wife and lover of all things food related!! Make up, Body Confidence and Lifestyle blogger. Connect with Lottie using the following links below:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lottie__corbett

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post|Just Be You

  1. When I was younger, I hated my breasts, no kidding, because I just didn’t want the attention from strangers. I also thought I was getting fat. But, now I don’t care as I eat healthily and exercise daily.


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