When thinking of what to write to make women feel empowered I thought I would just do a post about 3 reasons why women are amazing. Just in case no one has told you all before we are truly amazing unique creatures. So let’s get started shall we!


  • The first reason why women are amazing is because we are very persistent people and when I say persistent I mean committed. More like determined. Obviously some people will argue that everyone are the same but that’s really not true. When  women want something, we don’t stop until we get it. Be persistence and determination is a trait for all women to have because both qualities bring about success……unless your speaking of a crime or something dangerous then DON’T DO IT! lol

women gather

  • Secondly, as women I feel that we all have something to give. Like I said in the first point not everyone’s the same and we all are different. We all bring something something unique and different to the table. You know the saying “you have to shake what your mama gave ya” well at least that’s what I was told, moving on! 

strong women

  • The last but certainly not least reason as to why I think women are amazing creatures is because we are so welcoming to each other. We embrace our differences whether that is height, weight, skin color, body type, hair color whatever it is, we are all beautiful no matter the way we look and that is something we should all remember.

Hi everyone!

Over on my blog I do several posts on what I am up to and whatever is on my mind and think my readers would be interested in seeing. In simpler terms my blog is basically like my weird internet diary…kind of!  If you guys don’t know who I am my name is Izzy from the blog Let’s chat with Izzy. I am a new guest writer for the Women With Gifts.  Please use the following links to connect with me! 

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this little introductory post from me so you get the feel of what is yet to come in the future. I will leave the link to my blog and all my socials below. Make sure to stick around for amazing stuff from me and the other brilliant women at WWG

Thanks for reading,


My blog– izzychats.blogspot.com



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