Inspiration|Love Story

You and Me… It almost sounds like our favorite song on the radio. Where did you go? Where did you allow me to go? Where have our love gone. Can we ever get back to the place where we held each other close at the movies? Or when you would allow me to feed you fruit? Remember when we talked really fast on the phone from excitement of just hearing each other’s voice? Remember when I would finish your sentences and you would finish mine? Do you still have that favorite shirt that you wore on our first date? Should I report you missing to the police? I haven’t seen you or the likes of you? Maybe I should put out a plea for the people reading this post—-HEY ANYONE READING THIS POST…have you seen my friend love? I think they are dark and tall or maybe short and handsome.. Can’t really describe LOVE right now but if you find them please tell them to call


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