Sometimes when we think of our DESTINY, we envision it to be similar to a vacation which is why a lot a lot of us never make it to the place we dream of. We never make it to this place called destiny because we have more of the “bucket list” mentality instead of embracing the fact that YOUR WERE CREATED TO DO AMAZING! Sometimes we don’t meet our true fate because we don’t tap into our true potential. Our destiny is not similar to vacation on our bucket list it more of something we should strive for when it hurts, when you’re broke,when others don’t believe in you, or when the people you love walk away. Destiny is that thing that won’t leave you a lone..Its just keeps eating at your soul. To be honest, destiny is more like our home. It’s closer than we think. Your destiny is already yours! Its where you go everyday but forget to embrace it. Your destiny is what you dream of daily but forget to prepare for it. Instead of trying to duplicate what you feel someone’s success is. Instead of living in someone else’s reality DONT forget that your destiny is waiting.

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