Why do women look other women up and down when we see them? Why do we do an up and down assessment of other women? Please answer below?


7 thoughts on “Question|WHY?

      1. Thank you! True….I agree with you as well. It seems to be a lot about competition also, which in part, I blame society. It tends to teach us that at times. Also, you’re right..I don’t see it among men too often. They probably are taught somewhat to have a more hardcore exterior. It’s all about the ego with them.. =)


      2. First, it must start inside our minds, I believe. We must get past what society and others tell us is the norm and start building up our own self worth and esteem by speaking and ministering to ourselves. It can be hard at times, but I believe we can see the change if we start within ourselves. Also, we can surround ourselves with other positive examples that will help build us up and motivate us. Look for positive circles within the church and community. Look to God to help build us and strengthen us also.


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