In honor of our upcoming 2018 Hats and Heels we wanted to take a moment to share with you the reason people wear hats. Until now, no one probably never really cared about hats and their importance.

According to History of Hats, hats are worn for various reasons, from fashion to protection, for ceremonies and rituals, for women and men. They were markings of a class to which a wearer belonged and are used to differentiate nationalities, branches and ranks in military.

Some say that hats came about as early as the 3200 BC in Egypt. Interesting when you stop and think about it huh? You may have noticed all of the fabulous hats from the recent royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle right? Some were big and slightly tilted over the eye, some were small with big beautiful flowers and some were tiny and just enough to notice.

So what’s the significance of hats in reference to our annual Hat & Heels? We created our Hat & Heels not as a fashion similar to some church gatherings held in the past, neither is it to duplicate tea parties similar to the ones held in London, but we proudly wear our hats to symbolize PROTECTION. Because our event benefits single mothers, our event serves as a purpose to help and provide our mothers with a sense of hope and inspiration.

If you’ve received your formal invitation to our 2018 Hat & Heels event please take a moment and RSVP now!

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