We are hosting an by INVITE only 2018 Hat & Heels FUNDRAISER Brunch. Every year we host this event to  benefit and support single mothers. Although we connect with our community and have a blast every year, our Hat & Heels Brunch is a fundraiser to assist low income single mothers within our community.

If you’ve already received your formal invite, what are you waiting for? You’ve received a personal invite to our event because we know you feel strongly about helping others. Please take out a moment and RSVP below so we will know that you’re attending our event. If you’re unable to attend please take a moment to donate ~~~~~> HERE.

Women With Gifts International is a 501 (c)(3) –non-profit organization with the mission to reach, teach and inspire women who have been neglected by our society. Since starting our organization, we have assisted women with Breast Cancer, victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and single mothers just to name a few causes that we support.


Please note this event is by invitation only.. If you RSVP without receiving an invitation your RSVP submittion will be rejected and submitted for our 2019 invitation list. Thanks in advance for your continued support.  

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