Before we take a moment to wish our readers and followers a Happy Thanksgivings, we wanted to also warn everyone to be extra careful this holiday season.  This is the season that men and women especially become targets. This is the season that the broke become rich and the rich become poor. Maybe not poor but the rich  become victims to crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud and a slew of other scams that criminals have been brewing up all year.

This year before you eat the leftover turkey and drink egg nog take a moment to beat criminals at their own game. Here’s tips to keep you safe throughout the holidays and all year long!

  • Place a credit alert on your credit report
  • Contact your bank and let them know when you’re traveling
  • Protect your credit card and your credit card pin at all times
  • We know you’re excited but DON’T tell social media outlets such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat when you’re going on vacation. Sadly most burglaries are done by people that know their victims.
  •  Turn off your location before you upload pictures to your social media sites
  • If it’s legal in your city and state invest in a keychain of pepper spray
  • Meet your blind online date in a public place NEVER tell them where you live
  • Only carpool to holiday parties with people you absolutely know and trust
  • Only give your whereabouts to people you know such as close family members and friends

This list could go on and on.. So please take a moment to leave tips below to help someone stay safe this holiday….

Hugs and love to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!- LK

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