Police are searching for an Iroquois County teenager who went missing last week, and they are asking the public for help in locating her.

Fifteen-year-old Diamond Kohl was reported missing by her mother on July 27. Kohl, who lives in Gilman, IL, was last seen wearing a striped hooded sweatshirt and basketball shorts.

According to a report from the Daily Journal, Kohl may be in the Chicago area, or she may have travelled to Michigan. The newspaper also reported that the last person she was known to have been with is 20-year-old Bailey Caldwell, who stands 5-foot-5 and weighs 120 pounds. Police say that she has friends in both Kankakee and Will counties.

Anyone with information on Kohl’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Iroquois County Sheriff’s Department at 815-432-4918.

Source: NBC Chicago

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      1. Yes, that’s another harmful thing that’s crept in. I try to make sure my niece and other youth like her friends and others are well aware of what they’re doing on social media. It’s a good thing, but in the hands of a predator or someone evil, it can turn deadly. Sometimes, parents don’t watch like they should. At other times, it jus slips through the crack for one reason or another.

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