Military| Tips for Military Wives

[Word of Advice for MILITARY spouses or potential spouses]
  • Learn about your spouse’s job
  • Learn about everything pertaining to THE MILITARY including any and all benefits available to military personnel and their spouses.
          (i.e. banks, education or home loans and etc.)
  • If you travel on orders with your spouse know the ins and outs of the travel and during travel please check your credit often to prevent identity fraud.
  • If you live on base or near a military get to know it like the back of your hand. Especially Learn about the Family Fleet Center, Base Library, Base Medical,MWR and etc.
  • Make sure you are apart of DEERS after marriage or during marriage.
  • Make sure you get your military ID
  • Obtain a POA
 If you have questions regarding any aspect of the military visit
Please share this information with your military friends!

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