Recently we reported Melissa Avery|Jamie A. Bell|Maryssa F. Houston missing 

On June 14,2017  State troopers have identified the three people found inside a submerged vehicle in Gatehouse Pond in Tully. The bodies of 34-year-old Jaime Bell 26-year-old Melissa Avery and 5-year-old Maryssa Houston were found inside the vehicle when it was pulled from the water Tuesday evening.The 2011 Ford Explorer veered off the road, striking a guardrail before going into the pond, authorities said.
The three people were reported missing late Monday. They were on their way to a barbeque in Preble, but never arrived.
A nearby resident spotted the vehicle driving erratically at around the same time it went missing, according to police.
“Something was occurring in the vehicle for it to go off the road at that point,” said New York State Police Cpt. Jeffrey Raub. “We hope to ascertain the exact reason that the vehicle left the highway. This is a very tragic situation, the loss of three lives is horribly tragic, and we would like to know why this occurred.”Troopers expect the ongoing investigation will last a few weeks.Anyone with information is asked to call the state police office in Lafayette.
In a Facebook post, Mary Godfrey, Melissa Avery’s mother wrote, “This is an extremely hard time for our family, losing all 3 of our girls at once. We are truly devastated.”Hundreds of people from the community have offered their support to her and her family.The family has planned a candlelight vigil for the victims Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Source: TWC News

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