Blogger born on June 9,1996,who became famous or at least noticed by stating, “If s guy hits you he loves you-stay with him.” She the first female that openly approved of domestic violence. She urged teens/women to stay with their abusive boyfriends via videos which mostly received over 5 million views. She also stressed her Dr Phil. She was also the former girlfriend of Lil Dirk, who is known as an American hip hop recording artist and singer- songwriter. Garcia died on Jan 7,2016 due to a alleged heroine overdose.

Watch video HERE

4 thoughts on “A Day in History|Romina Garcia 

  1. Oh my…Wow. It’s this kind of dysfunctionalism that causes this cycle to continually exist. As sad as it is, some people actually get turned on by this kind of relationship, such as BDSM and other things. I never heard of her but thanks for sharing and for revealing lots of aspects in your blog.

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    1. Funny thing is we weren’t familiar with her or Lil Dirk prior to this post but we’re grateful that we stumbled across it because everyone needs to know that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is not okay. The worst thing about this video it went viral and over 5 million people viewed it and its actually left the footprint that being beat on is okay. AND ITS NOT! Sadly she wasn’t the first people we’ve heard say this.

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