First before we share information about our business feature, our staff would like to first thank Balloon Me Pretty for being a sponsor for our recent 2017 Hat & Heels event. It was raining outside and our event was literally raining with tons and tons of beautiful balloons and we owe all the beauty to Balloon Me Pretty. 

Here’s a little history on one of the owners of the company: 

Business owner Kelilah is married with three children, ages 19,7, and 5

She became single mother at the age of 15 and graduated at the age of 17. I graduated high school one year early and at age 17 and became the youngest police dispatcher for the City of Fort Worth Police Department. She worked for the worked for the Police Department until the age 27 and then decided to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Balloon Me Pretty developed because the business owner states she had a strong infatuation for balloons.  Kelilah shared how she remembered how she once wanted balloons for her baby shower and the balloons were insanely expensive. 

Kelilah stated the following about her desire to open up her business, “I guess the heavens and the earth moved and commanded that I become the Balloon Goddess. Lol.”

She continued to share, “I set out on a relentless campaign to train and learn all things balloons. Here we are a few years later .. Balloon Me Pretty! ”

Balloon Me Pretty works with any budget and they create balloons for ALL occasions.In addition to creating magic with balloons, Kelilah states she absolutely love the freedom of entrepreneurship.

Balloon Me Pretty statef the following about being a sponsor for our recent 2017 Hat & Heels event:

When Balloon Me Pretty was asked to sponser Women With Gifts it was a no-brainer. At some point in my life I was a single mother, I suffered from depression, and I was a victim of domestic violence. Today, all things have been made new! Giving up on life was not an option, therefore, in the midst of my weaknesses, doubts, and fears I literally became strong. Seriously, like a real life version of a superhero. I sought for discernment, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I chose self-dicipline and I hoped for all things.

Be encouraged ladies!

Here’s one of the balloon pics that was donated to our Hat and Heels event:

Balloon Me Pretty is located in South Fort Worth and the business info is listed below:


4200 South Freeway 

Fort Worth, TX 76115


Phone: 817-521-0601

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