The first thing we thought when seeing this movie is, “Did we just rent this movie from REDBOX when it was just on LIFETIME for free?” Shame, Shame, Shame! Oh well… It was only $1.25 so it’s nothing to lose any sleep over?

So most of us that just happens to be decades old remember the original BEACHES right? The Beaches that featured both Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey.  Okay so as you watch the 2017 movie remake of Beaches with Nia Long and Idina Menzel, just remember to wash all of the old reminisce of the old movie out of your memory banks.

When old movies are remade it’s similar to Goldie oldie songs, sometimes you love the remake and sometimes you don’t. Just like any other classics somethings shouldn’t be changed unless it’s a good change-which this movie is. beaches

Don’t get us wrong we are big fans of Bette Midler and we absolutely loved her in the 1998 Beaches, but we also loved the new revised movie.

Nia Long played Hillary Whitney and Idina Menzel played CC Bloom. Movies speeds us through the childhoods of both girls. One who came from a well-to-do family, who dad was an attorney and one who spent most of her time singing on a beach for money.

These two ladies kept in contact and clear on up until they were adults. One became a successful attorney and the other was a successful singer. These friends fought and made up, they had ups and down and then ONE DAY one found out she was dying and they other was there for her until she took her last breath.

What’s funny about this movie is CC Bloom spent most of her time going to audition after audition and she finally makes it big in the musical/music industry. Meanwhile, Hillary is taking care of her dying dad and CC couldn’t make it to the funeral.  Hillary gets married and CC couldn’t come to the funeral. But Hillary gets pregnant and has a baby and CC has not choice but to be held responsible for Hillary’s daughter, Tory Whitney played by Sanai Victoria. For some of us that either a blessing or a curse-depends on how you look at it. Watching this movie reminded us of the new and improved Fried Green Tomatoes. If do-over movies are the new thing in Hollywood, we really would like to see a new Thelma and Louise in the rotation for remakes.

Beaches is a great girly movie especially if you’re looking for a cute movie to just pass the time away. [Movie released Jan. 21,2017]

Which BEACHES did you like best?



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