Keir Johnson, 34, and her eight-month-old daughter Chloe were last seen April 30 at their Hampton home, police say. Johnson had taken a week off of work for vacation and was planning to stay local and visit nearby Buckroe Beach with her daughter. missing

Police say Johnson, who usually is in contact with family members several times a day, hasn’t been heard from since. A missing person report was filed on May 1. On Thursday, ten days later, Hampton Police and the Virginia State Police issued an Amber Alert for Chloe after they said their investigation has led them to believe both mother and daughter had been abducted.

At a press conference Friday, Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult said there was initially no indication of an abduction, but gave few details when asked what changed investigator’s minds. Sult would only say police work including reviewing technology such as social media and interviews led them to make the determination.

Sult said Johnson has no history of running away and it’s out of character for her to be out of touch with friends and family.

“We were very concerned from the beginning about this situation,” Sult said. “Kier is a very responsible young lady who works and has very close family ties.” Sult said he wouldn’t comment as to whether police have any suspects or people of interest, saying only, “the investigation thus far has not revealed enough evidence to release any suspect identifiers to the public.”When asked by a reporter whether he had interviewed the child’s father, Sult said, “we’ve talked with the child’s father on an ongoing basis, just like any other family member.”

Keir’s mother and grandmother both appeared at the Friday conference, begging the public to come forward with any information that could aide in the search.”This Sunday is Mothers Day.  I am joined here today by Keir’s mother, family and friends,” Sult said. “Keir is a mother herself, it would be wonderful for us to be able to reunite them so that they could all celebrate Mothers Day together. Sult said he believes both mother and child are in danger. “We would not have issued the Amber Alert if we didn’t believe they were in danger,” Sult said.

Johnson drives a 2013 black Kia Optima, license VAW2197. Anyone with information is asked to call 757-727-6505.

Source: MSN

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