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Many of us were sold on the movie Unforgettable just by seeing the previews RIGHT? Right! Okay so let’s get down to the nitty gritty for our movie review. unforgettable movie

The movie starts out with Rosario Dawson who plays Julia Banks in this movie, is a successful writer who moves from her current state to California to be with her fiancée, Geoff Stults who plays David Connover  and his daughter-Lily Connover played by actress Isabella Kai Rice.

At first, the audience can only be happy for Julia and her big move to Cali that’s until she meets, Lily’s mom-Tessa Connover (Katherine Heigl). Please note that although her and David were no longer married she didn’t bother to change her name back to her maiden name. For us that’s already a red flag!

Get your hopes up about this movie if you want, but keep in mind that the movie is pretty predictable and you will probably have flashbacks about movies you’ve seen pretty similar. This is not a date night type of movie, it’s more of a girl’s night out type movie because of the movie’s scorn wife/lover wanting second chance type plot. Trust us only women would be interested in this.

In MOST cases whenever there’s a recipe of STEP-mom and child visitations involved there’s a perfect recipe for trouble. This movie poses as a thriller but the movie poster somewhat gives away the whole motive behind the movie. unforettable

When Julie first get to California with David everything is seems perfect until it’s time for Lily, David’s daughter to visit. Upon their first meeting, Tessa just comes off as an overprotective mom. You know the ones that what you to go over and beyond for their kid and do stuff that they don’t even do–yea that type of overprotective type.

Julia being a new to the whole stepmom role, pretty much just let Tessa come to David’s house and take over. Her intimidation to Julia may have been the plan to scare Julia back to wherever she came from.

Okay so to sum this movie up, Julia had a past of being domestically abused and an abusive boyfriend that had been looking for her. Thanks to Tessa stealing Julia’s phone, she quickly learned how to reunite Julia and her ex-stalkerish, abusive boyfriend. She also managed to make David insecure about Julia’s loyalty. Tessa also planted seeds in Julia’s mind about her and David going to counseling to get everything back on track with the well-over done marriage.

Personally some parts of the movie showed some abuse and Mother Dearest type action especially when Tessa cut Lily’s hair. Couldn’t believe she cut that sweet little girl’s hair. Just a horrible scene.. Just Horrible! All mother’s will get pissed at this scene!

You couldn’t help but to love both of these women because if you currently have an ex that you want to re-kindle with then Tess is your girl because  she was a real ____________!! If you’re currently a step-mom then you will love Julia. Honestly, Julia was our favorite. She just seem to be more realistic and flattering to the eye. Both women played their role to the fullest.

Oh wow, how could we forget to mention evil Tessa had a mom from hell played by Cheryl Ladd. We are not off the mark when we say that Tessa’s mom is probably the reason there will be an UNFORGETTABLE part 2.. Remember that you read about the sequel here on this blog! Julia also had a best friend that was a great confidant but unfortunately she wasn’t that she Julia needed her most or maybe she was… Well no she wasn’t.

Toward the end of the movie, Tessa and Julia get into a fight and as you all can guess by now David was somewhere knocked out the whole time Julia has to fight for the both of them. So sad how that happens huh? Luckily, due to our praying and hoping Julia, David and Lily got away from Tessa safely and they all lived happily ever after.. UNTIL one day they get a knock on the door….

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{UPDATE} Missing|Nahomi Rodriguez

In July, we shared a missing report of  Nahomi Rodriguez today we wanted to report the following update:

Remains discovered in a canal late last week have been positively identified as missing Texas teen Nahomi Rodriguez, who disappeared in July.

A set of bones were uncovered by a farmer working on the canal last Thursday. On Saturday, using dental records, authorities positively identified the remains as belonging to Nahomi. The case is now being investigated as a homicide.

“There was a lot of evidence recovered at the scene,” Harlingen Police Chief Jefferey Addickes said at a press conference Monday. “We are very hopeful that — bringing Nahomi home — that we find the person or persons responsible.”

Several members of Nahomi’s family spoke at the press conference Monday. Nahomi’s father, Ramiro Rodriguez, who spoke with Dateline last summer about his daughter’s disappearance, asked for anyone with information to come forward.

“We need help. Anybody — somebody knows something. We need her friends’ help to get to the bottom of this,” Ramiro told several reporters outside. “Somebody knows something. That’s it.”

Nahomi’s family has been extremely active in their search for Nahomi since the teen disappeared on the night of July 17, after leaving work at a McDonald’s in Harlingen, Texas.

Source: NBC NEWS

Go Fund Me account was recently set up and stated to be on behalf Nahomi’s burial.