Edith Holländer is born in Aachen on January 16, 1900. She has two older brothers, named Julius (1894) and Walter (1897), and an older sister called Bettina (1898). The Holländer family celebrates the Jewish holidays and and keeps a kosher household. The Holländers are leading members of Aachen’s Jewish community. Father Holländer trades in scrap metal and owns several industrial processing plants. Mother of Anne Frank.

In his memoirs, Otto Frank remembers the relationship between Anne and her mother: “I was concerned that there was not a particularly good understanding between my wife and Anne, and I believe my wife suffered more from this than Anne. In reality, she was an excellent mother, who went to any lengths for her children. She often complained that Anne was against everything she did but it was consolation for her to know that Anne trusted me.”

Source: AnneFrank.org


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