Ready to work?

Here’s a quick a simple job that would be ideal for women looking to suppliment their income AND want to have fun in the process. Looking for part-time work? Have you ever thought about being a secret shopper?

BestMark has been in business for over 26 years and has all types of assignments (auditing, mystery shopping, exit interviews) across many industries, ranging from retail to automotive to restaurants and more!

As with any job this position has its pros and cons.

Here’s a few of both:


  1. You work for yourself and hours are flexible [similar to a temp position]
  2. You are reimbursed for every assignment you accept
  3. Assignments/Jobs are things you’ve being dying to do anyway. (Examples being oil changes, restaurants,hotel stays,casinos and the list goes on…)
  4. Company pays bi-weekly


  1. Although every assignment offers reimbursements sometimes the reimbursement doesnt cover the full amount of the assignment. (Example: Lunch reimbursement is $40 and assignment cost is $53)
  2. Company only pays by paper checks in a SNAIL mail fashion.
  3. Gas mileage for getting to assignments
  4. Most assignments require you to provide feedback so you must have a good memory and take great mental notes. (Remember these are secret shopper assignments so you cant let the cat out of the bag)

Apply Here

If you have questions about this job please post them below and we can answer them…


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