1. Prayer or Meditation – this brings clarity and peace of mind to help you take on
whatever the day brings.
The founder of Women With Gifts believes that prayer is praying to God our heavenly Father and meditation is a deep focus on things or situations you want to change.

2. Take Five – review your day’s schedule for 5 minutes to reduce the “surprise” event
tend to derail your day. A paper planner or digital app is great to serve as a “master”
calendar – use a color for each member of the family or for work and home so you are
able to see the day’s events at a glance.

3. Top Three – a clear idea of what must be done for the day makes for a productive day.
A simple list of 3 items that “must” be done allows you to “weave” them into your
schedule to get them accomplished and not feel overwhelmed with an endless To Do

4. Move It – Take 10 minutes every few hours to get up and walk. The change of scenery
will help you focus and finish your tasks feeling productive.

5. What’s Next? – Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to create your Top Three for the
next day; this will put you more in control of your day.

6. Reward Yourself – Now that your day is done, do something just for you
– a candlelit bubble bath
– a craft project you’ve been neglecting
– that book you’ve been trying to read
– watch your favorite comedy
– journal
– do absolutely nothing for about 30 mins

These tips will help you get more done as your conquer your day like a boss.

Meet Karen

Karen H Rice-Scott, creator and founder of KReative Works has been writing poetry for over 20 years. You are able t see her work on her website at

Take a look at her achievements below:

Versatile Blogger Award (WordPress) January 2012
International Who’s Who in Poetry nominee (International Who’s Who in Poetry) Sept 2012
Most Influential Blogger (WordPress) May 2013

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