The Girl on the Train is NOT a movie for you to watch when you’re sad feeling like watching television with a big bowl of ice cream.. This a definitely a suspense girly type movie. WHY? Because women we know it all and when we don’t we will for sure get to the bottom of it.

So as you watch this movie keep this in mind. There 3 female characters and 3 male characters and we will list them from the order of importance.  The GIRL on the train is Rachel played by Emily Blunt. Megan is Haley Bennett, Anna is Rebecca Ferguson..

The male characters in the movie are Tom played by Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez as Dr. Kamal Abdic and Scott played by Luke Evans which was super sexy in this movie by the way!

This movie is a suspense movie but it’s also a mystery type movie. It’s a mystery because everyone wants to know why the girl is on the train. The girl on the train character is Rachel. So what is Rachel doing on the train? Is she going to work? Is she on her way home from work? Is she picking up the kids from daycare? Like all of those questions are a mystery at the start of the movie. Ladies because we are so nosey, you will get to the bottom of this movie…

As Rachel is on this train daily she is passing by two houses everyday which happens to be the homes of both Megan and Anna. Now you’re wondering who are they and what connection do they have with the girl on the train? See more mysteries…..As it turns out Anna is not the new wife to Rachel’s ex-husband. Megan just happen to be the nanny and neighbor of Anna. So how convenient for Rachel to pass by both of these ladies house every day on the train.

As the movie go on it’s quickly understood that Rachel and Tom are divorced and he once cheated on her with Anna. Yes your read it correctly. Anna and Tom are happily married,but she was once the side piece and she now has Tom’s baby which is what Rachel has always wanted while married to Tom.

Megan comes into the story because she was the nanny and neighbor of Anna and Tom, patient of Dr. Kamal Abdic and wife of Scott. Please take note of how MEGAN has a connection with all the main characters in this movie.

So while Rachel is riding this train back and forth to where ever her proposed destination is, we learned that she is a heavy drinker.. By heavy drinker, we don’t mean a cutesy little girly drink every now and then, we mean a tore up from the floor up type of drinker. Rachel was the type of drinker that would drink and black out and wouldn’t remember where or who she was.. Poor little baby!

So here’s a life lesson that we gained from watching this movie: Rachel was on the train which proved that she wanted to go somewhere but she couldn’t because she was holding on to her past. She couldn’t get over the fact that Tom had left her for another woman and moved on with his life. She continued to pick herself apart and re-live those memories of her past over and over again. It wasn’t until she GOT off the train that she stopped drinking and pick up the pieces of her life. Life Lesson: Always love yourself even when you feel that no one else does. Learn from the past and don’t make your past your future!

Okay so on to the rest of the movie, Megan was the nanny for Anna and she too had deep dark secrets which is why she had to talk to Dr. Abdic – a psychiatrist.

Each day that Rachel got on the train she watched the lives of both Anna and Megan until one day Megan comes up missing and Rachel is blamed for her disappearance. Did we mention that Megan was pregnant when she vanished. Once Rachel was blamed for Megan’s disappearance she turns from poor pitiful drunk into a smart little detective who happens to bump into Scott-Megan’s husband.

As it turns out Anna wasn’t the only one that Tom was having affairs with and after Rachel sobers up she tends to find out more than she wanted to know about her ex-husband that she felt she wasn’t good enough because she had issues having his baby.

This is a great movie but you have to put on your thinking detective cap and just try to keep with the plot of this story..


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