When the Bough Breaks may keep some of you on the edge of your chair but honestly it’s like we’ve seen this movie before. When watching this movie the first movie that comes to mind is Obsessed, which featured Beyoncé Knowles Carter. Okay so let’s walk through both movies, shall we? Husband and wife living the good life scenario-CHECK, stalker chasing the husband-CHECK, crazy wife kills the stalker at the end of the movie-CHECK!


Sorry to ruin the plot at the start of the review but really it seems like we’ve this movie and that’s only by watching the first few minutes of it. For all of the wives reading this movie will make you think about having a surrogate.

First off, Morris Chestnut plays the husband to Regina Hall who plays Mr. and Mrs. John and Laura Taylor. John and Laura are young successful professionals who are TOO desperate to have a baby. Which is how, Anna  played by Jaz Sinclair comes into the picture. Because the couple wanted to have a baby and Laura was unable to produce (sorry that sounds so inappropriate), Anna was able to wiggle her way into their lives. But she mainly just wanted to wiggle her way into John’s bed. She started out living in their out house, oops we mean guest house. Then she was beat up by an old fling or faked being beat up by an old fling and they moved her into their house to protect their unborn baby. Which lead to Anna playing in Laura’s clothes, taking bubble baths in the private bathroom and showing John private X-rated computer shows.

So now lets speed this movie up. After Anna had the baby, she attempted to have John arrested and she also attempted to take the baby away from the couple regardless of the surrogate agreement. She ends up hurting John, getting killed by Laura and the couple lives happily ever after.

Does this movie sound like a movie you’ve seen before?


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