Recently we reported Nayla Kidd as a missing student from Columbia University..Today we would like to report that she has been found safe and sound. Read the recent update about her disappearance.

According to NY Daily News, Nayla didn’t drop off the grid. She just moved to Brooklyn.Nayla Kidd, 19, the Columbia University sophomore who changed her cell phone and bank account numbers, pulled down her Facebook page and vanished earlier this month, has been found safe and sound, police said Monday.

“Basically, she just wanted to get away from it all,” said a police source. “She rented a place in Brooklyn.”

Nayla Kidd’s mother released a statement Thursday telling why her daughter intentionally disappeared and the events that led up her filing a missing persons report.

Here’s the full statement:

Nayla and I communicated regularly by phone, text or email.  However, around April 5th, Nayla could not be reached  by  phone, text message, or social media for over three weeks.  On April 29th and again on May 5th, I was in communication with officials at Columbia University as well as her friends to inform them I was unable to contact her.  Nayla’s friends and school officials also attempted to contact Nayla with no success.  On April 29th, I hired Neal L. Gossett, a Private Investigator in New York City, to investigate this matter.

On May 11th, my concerns grew when Nayla’s friends mentioned they had not seen or heard from in several days and they were going to report it to Campus Police.  On May 11th, I reported Nayla as missing to NYPD and a missing person complaint was filed on May 13th.  Intelligence information gathered by Investigator Gossett combined with enhanced investigative strategies by NYPD Detectives led to Nayla’s location and ultimate reconnection with her mother on May 16th.

Upon being asked about her disappearance, Nayla stated she wanted to escape and think about how she was going to explain to me why she wanted to take a break from college.  Nayla has ambitions to become a freelance writer and artist.

I shared with Nayla I am not surprised about her desire to become a prolific writer, especially since she wrote a romance novel at the age of ten.  Nayla wants to use her innate gifts and talents to become a successful entrepreneur and public figure for college students interested in non-traditional career paths.

Nayla has accomplished a lot in 19 years, including building a supercomputer with graduate students, learning and implementing complex computer programming for genetic studies, directing an online web design college class, managing social media marketing for a forturne 500 company, studying abroad in Spain and making significant contributions on 3 scientific publications.  I am glad Nayla loves herself enough to know when she needs to take a break.  I am not disappointed in Nayla’s decision to leave Columbia and I fully support her future endeavors.  Nayla and I are taking time to regroup, repurpose and heal as a family.  Nayla and I will pursue and follow-up with supportive counseling, guidance from school officials, and other resources to assist us during this transition.

On behalf of the Kidd family, we thank the following:  the public, friends, and family; Neal Gossett of Absolute Private Special Investigations, Inc (; Detective Argiro, Detective Signoretti, and Sergeant Holness of the New York City Police Department;26th Police Precint, Christopher Lyons of Search and Rescue Specialist from Cops Helping Cops; Roland Martin of TVOne, news media, local radio stations,  news papers, members and administrators of ‘Finding Nayla’; Missing in America ( ), followers on social media (i.e., Twitter and Facebook), and those who prefer to remain anonymous.  It took a collaborative effort to find Nayla and reunite her with her family.

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