Picking up the pieces

Have you ever been at a place in your marriage that you just didn’t know how to pray? Are difficult times making it too hard to pray? Maybe sometimes you really just don’t want to pray for him…been there!  I know all too well what this is like.  Sometimes when you get to that place is it like you start losing momentum in your everyday prayer life?

I was trying to get my morning walk in yesterday before bible study. As I was walking, with my arms swinging, I looked down and saw a penny. I heard a gentle voice say, “go back and pick it up”. Unfortunately He had to tell me twice. I turned around walked back to the penny and as I picked it up I noticed there were two pennies….and they were heads up. Beautiful, shiny, bright pennies.  I began thanking the Lord for interrupting my walk.  I began praising Him for allowing me to hear His voice.

Normally, when I see a penny, if it is tails up I turn it over so someone else may find a heads up penny. This does not come from being superstitious, I just enjoy knowing someone will be happy to find a heads up penny. It always brings to mind a sermon our pastor did many years ago and he mentioned a penny. Sometimes we get to a place where we see a penny for it’s worth…it’s “just” a penny. If we had 100 pennies we would have $1.00. God tells us in scripture, “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.” Luke 16:10. A Penny also says, “In God we trust”. 

When our marriage seems very little, we have to still pray. We have to pray for our husbands even when we just don’t feel like it.  When we pray over our man and walk back to get that penny, we will find our blessings our doubled…thank you Jesus!

If any of you have ever heard Erik and my testimony you know what we have pressed through. I continued to pray for my husband as if we had a beautiful marriage because that is what it was to God. Even when my husband had filed for a divorce and was with another woman….Hahaha…named Penny, I thanked Him for giving me a Godly, Christian husband and for a marriage that honored him.  Jesus saw my marriage as what He intended it to be, so that is how I prayed for it and spoke over it.

I want to challenge you friends. If you’re going through difficult times in your marriage and you don’t want to turn around and pick that penny up. Write down what your desires are for your husband and your marriage. You speak only positive things over your marriage and over your husband. Thank Jesus right now for your Godly husband, for your husband being the Christian leader of your home and family. Thank Him today for the man He has given you and for the man He has made him to be after His own image.  Sister, I am believing with you today that God is restoring your marriage to the marriage He has for you.

Father God, I pray for every woman reading this today. I stand in agreement with her that her marriage IS everything that you desire it to be. If there is another woman involved, pornography, or any distraction from the enemy I pray it is cast down to where it belongs. I ask you father to give her peace and understanding with her husband that she would greet him with love and compassion today father. Father I pray that she would pray and wait on you to perform your miracle in her marriage and in her husband. May you give her a reminder every day, as her man walks out their front door, to pray the armor of God over him from the top of his head to the tip of his toes?  Bless her and keep her and anoint her with your grace. Amen!

The Whole Amour of God- Ephesians 6:10-20

Let me hear from you. I would love to hear women sharing about what God is doing in your lives and in your marriage.  Let me know how we can pray for you and your marriage.

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    > Women With Gifts International posted: “Pick It Up Have you ever been at a > place in your marriage that you just didn’t know how to pray? Are difficult > times making it too hard to pray? Maybe sometimes you really just don’t > want to pray for him…been there! I know all too well what this is like” >

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