Recently we reported Keidra Kirby as missing. Well today we want to report that the teen is no longer missing and was not kidnapped as we previously thought. Here’s the new update on this “missing teen”:

According to Dallas Crime Blog, the 17-year-old Glenn Heights girl who is suspected of faking her own kidnapping was arrested Friday and charged for giving a false report to a peace officer. An arrest warrant was filed accusing Keidra Kirby of making a false report. She was transferred to Lew Sterrett Justice Center Friday and is being held on $500 bail. The hoax prompted an Amber Alert forthis weekend. Several agencies jumped into action to help with the search for the van and suspects that they later found out did not exist.

“The most upsetting thing is that the abuse of the system ultimately makes the system itself less effective,” Desoto Sgt. Nick Bristow told KDFW-TV (Channel 4).

She could face probation to six months in jail, the station reports. Kirby’s father said she’d been abducted about 7 p.m. Saturday while walking with two friends in the 400 block of Star Gazer Road. Witnesses told police two masked men in a white van driven by a third man pulled her inside and drove off.

Keidra Kirby

Keidra Kirby

Reports of the case spread through the media, and Texas Rangers joined in the hunt for the teen, working throughout the night. They found Kirby on Sunday in the 3800 block of Gannon Lane in Dallas after her grandmother reported receiving a phone call from her.Keidra was reunited with her family and gave information to investigators and the Texas Rangers that matched information from juvenile witnesses, according to a police news release.

But inconsistencies started to surface as the search for the kidnappers continued.The two juvenile witnesses eventually recanted their original statements about the kidnapping. Two adults — Darius Ballard and Andrew Woodrum — corroborated the new statements Wednesday.When authorities confronted Keidra about the discrepancies, she admitted she was not kidnapped and had willingly left. There was never a white van or masked suspects, the investigation revealed.Keidra was booked in at the Glenn Heights Police Department and was being taken to the Dallas County Jail, according to the news release.

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