This week we are loving Dr. Chuifang Hwang.Yes she is our inspiration for the week. According to  Dallas Morning News, Dr. Chuifang Hwang is not only 50 years old but she is trying out to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader for a 11th time.

After chasing her dream of being a DCC,Chuifang Hwang is a woman of many hats according to her website..

Chiufang Hwang, M.D. wears many hats: doctor, author, fitness advocate, wife, mother of two sons. She is also on a journey to become the next Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at 50 years old (or 50 years young!). Inspiration, dedication and perseverance have guided Chiufang throughout her life, allowing her to achieve goals and reach milestones that would be considered impossible by many. She inspires women of all ages and backgrounds to take advantage of opportunities in life, and give their best effort to fulfill their goals.

Don’t give up Dr Chiufang Hwang you’re our inspiration!

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