Hello Beauties,
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Urban Decay has done it again with their Alice in Wonderland oops, we mean Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. Go ahead and adnit it all of us have wanted to be Alice in Wonderland atleast once right?

Here’s the synopsis of Alice in Wonderland for those of you who forgot:

Alice was ten, she and two of her sisters set out from Folly Bridge in a rowing boat with the 30-year-old Dodgson and a friend of his, a Trinity College don called Robinson Duckworth, along the Isis for a picnic at Godstow. On the way the girls asked Dodgson to tell them a story and he responded with a tale he made up as he went along about the fantastic world that a girl called Alice discovered when she went down a rabbit-hole. The real Alice was so delighted that she asked him to write it down for her, which he presently did, with some extra episodes added, as well as his own illustrations.

Source: History Today

For those of you that just care about the new eyeshadow palette~~~~> LOOK!


Oops that the Alice in Wonderland Palette from 2010 just wanted to see if our Beauties were on the toes today.

Here’s the NEW Alice Through the Looking Glass palette:



So adorable!
This is not ACTUALLY out yet and should be available around April 19…Cant wait!!

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