Hey Beauties,
Its all about lips,lips,lips today with NYX Cosmetics. We will attempt to contain ourselves while we talk about not one but TWO, oops we meant THREE of their newest lip products… So pucker up ladies and listen really good.

First let’s talk about the Full Throttle Lipsticks.
Their Full Throttle lipsticks matches the name because the colors are FAST and bold.Ranging from your normal pinks, purples and nudes. Most of  NYX’s lip products have the matte appeal so you glossy girls try these newbies at your own risk.

See how NYX described their new product:
It’s the color addict’s ultimate fix and a makeup artist’s dream: Our new waterproof Full Throttle Lipstick covers your lips with super-saturated matte color and features a unique bullet with a beveled edge for lining, filling and perfecting your pout to your heart’s desire.

Okay second let’s chat about NYX’s second newest lip madness called Lip Lingerie.


Now we know a lot of you beauties thought of this already but we’ll just say it for you…..Yes yes yes ~~~~> NYX Lip Lingerie looks very very similar to Kylie Jenner’s lipkits ..Either way these lip glosses are still super sexy right? RIGHT! Lip Lingerie also gives you 12 colors to gaze through so we all should find that perfect shade to give us that perfect pout appeal.


Last but not least…..drum roll please….
NYX’s third newest lip product is their new Ombré Lip Duos.. To describe this in a simple form these little newbies are just lip pencils on both ends of the stick. Similar to Elf’s New Duo Stix

Now beauties this is very very important…If and when you try any of the products mentioned above and you take your cutest selfie or you happened to blog about NYX products make you use the hashtag #NYXCOSMESTICS for your chance to be featured in their website… And You’re welcome!


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