Back in January we reported that a MISSING report for Marisol Espinosa

A body discovered over the weekend has been identified as a missing Pleasant Grove mother. Dallas police are calling the death of Marisol Espinosa a homicide, but they have not said how they believe she died. Police are awaiting a cause of death from the Dallas County Medical Examiner.

“We’ve waited so long to have her back not in the way we would have preferred it but it is closure,” Wendy Lopez, the victim’s mother, said.

Her remains were found Sunday morning in a wooded area of southeast Dallas County along Dowdy Ferry Road. Her family had searched there previously.

Dallas police have previously said they would like to speak again with Espinosa’s ex-boyfriend, Faustino Valdez. He is not a suspect in Espinosa’s disappearance, which was previously classified as a missing persons case, but police have been unable to locate him since early January.

“[We would like to make] sure the people or person who did it to her … we have our feelings about particular people … making sure whoever did it pays,” Lopez said.

Source: Fox 4

Rest in Paradise Angel!


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