Executive Chef

Suzette Gresham

We created Tasteful Tuesdays to showcase amazing restaurants in the United States and to also expose female Chefs and restaurant owners right in your area. Today’s Tuesday feature is  Chef Suzette Gresham of Acquerello

About Chef Suzette Gresham

Acquerello’s co-owner and Executive Chef, Suzette Gresham, has led an incredibly accomplished career, receiving countless awards and accolades. Her achievements, however, have never deterred her from the ultimate goal as a chef—to make her guests happy.

As a proprietor of the prestigious Acquerello restaurant in San Francisco, California, Gresham strives to continually perfect her life’s work and pass on her culinary philosophy to others. “I am a purist at heart. I adore food and nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my passion for Italian cuisine,” she notes. “Very simply, I pour my heart and soul into the dishes I create and enjoy relaying my love for food to other people.”


About the restaurant
For more than two decades, Acquerello has offered an unparalleled Italian fine-dining experience in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. The restaurant, operated by Giancarlo Paterlini and Executive Chef
Suzette Gresham, has been heralded for its cuisine, wine, and service.

Source: Restaurant website

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