Hey Beauties,
WAKE UP!! Too Faced just added 10 new shades to their LA CRÈME Color Drenched Lipstick Collection. We haven’t even had a chance to put our hands on their on their bon bons yet and they already have new products…Wow that sounded totally awkward.Let’s say that again we haven’t had a chance to try their new Chocolate Bon Bon eyeshadow palette yet.. Haha!

We could be wrong but it seems like these makeup gurus always showcase their best products closer to Summer. Either way check out Too Faced new lip shades. The lip colors with pictures are our absolute favorites!

10 New Shades: 


Double Bubble (Bubblegum Pink)


WHAM! (Iridescent Raspberry)

Courtesy of Too Faced
Courtesy of Too Faced

Topless (Apricot Nude)


Mean Girls (Shimmering Cool Pink)

Here’s the remaining 6 lip colors:

Ursula (Shimmering Deep Plum)
Sugar Daddy (Nude Rose)
Berry Naughty (Berry Wine)
9021Ohhh (Candy Apple Red)
Unicorn Tears (Iridescent Shimmer)
Clueless (Shimmering Cotton Candy)

Hey beauties Too Faced even mentioned US while writing about their new lipstick.See for your self below:

There’s a reason why beauty editors, bloggers, and millions of social media fans are obsessed with La Crème Color Drenched Lipstick: it’s a completely unique, super-luxe combination of creamy color and intense hydration for unprecedented ultra-comfortable wear.

Yes they love us!

If you visit their site you’ll see this special offer is also plastered on their website:


While supplies last…. “
These are the words glamour girl hate to see!

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