Before we explain why Home Fermentation The Starter Guide made it to the “good reads” section of our website, we wanted to define fermentation and how this book can benefit you.

Fermentation is a process used to produce wine, beer, yogurt and other products. So essentially most fermented products are  products we eat on a regular basis but we continue to purchase from the local store and never give it a second thought.

With Katherine Green’s Starter Guide you can learn how to DIY-do it yourself. This guide is more like a cookbook so its easy to follow step by step to ferment your favorites..This book also includes your trouble shooting tips such as where to find certain ingredients to complete home fermentation, do’s and don’ts and correct measurement charts. If you ever wanted to ferment veggies,fruits,daily grains and beverages now is your chance. Making jellies, pizza dough and sauerkraut and other favorites is now a breeze with this personal guide.

Meet the Author
Katherine Green is a writer and food educator in Portland, OR. She is a fermentation geek, trained winemaker, and the former owner of Mama Green’s Jam. She lives with her husband, two sons, and a flock of chickens.


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