We created Tasteful Tuesdays  to showcase amazing restaurants in the United States and to also expose female Chefs and restaurant owners. Today’s Tasteful Tuesday feature is Vonda’s Kitchen located in New Jersey. Vonda’s Kitchen is owned by Chef Vonda McPherson.

About Vonda’s Kitchen

This place is known for its HEALTHY soulfood.
Vonda’s Kitchen was designed to provide our customers with an eclectic experience. We provide the comfort food that everyone loves! Through our daily specials, our chefs have the creative freedom to bring a broad spectrum to cultural food. We always promise to show culinary growth and dedication to the craft. “Oh by the way, have you tried their Black-Eye-Pea Dip?”



About the Chef

Vonda's Kitchen NJ

From the corridors of Corporate America, to the pantries of most elite commercial kitchens, Vonda McPherson has mastered it all…and she’s just getting started. A seasoned Sales Executive for a decade, Vonda McPherson has always had a knack for business, coupled with a flair for aesthetic style and the unforgettable orchestration of event coordination.

“Food is my passion – my art is creating delicious and surprising menus that will overwhelm your every sense.Through my culinary teachings our students learn to respect all cultures. So don’t be surprised if you find culinary dishes from Italy to Jamaica always with a touch soul!”

(source: Vonda’s Kitchen website)


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