Running For Women by Danica Newon has made its way to our Good Reads category because this book really inspired us (women) to run again. This book is not only for women who are avid runners but its for women who have forgotten how to take their first step with healthy diet, running and exercise.

Stay prepped at every step, with:

Expert stories and valuable tips from master marathoners
Running gear and gadget must-haves for a smooth run
Fuel-friendly recipes that cover pre-run to post-run
Tips for running while pregnant and running with baby

Running For Women is for every woman who make those useless New Years’ Resolutions to run or exercise but never get around to it. Running For Women is proof that there are no excuses to getting in shape-just do it. Whether you are a beginner or an expert,this books shares different running and exercise techniques to get us as women back in shape and keep us there..

About the Author
After losing her mother to cancer, Danica Newon reignited her relationship with running and rediscovered how running provided balance in all areas of her life. Danica Newon currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband. Visit her blog, Chic Runner, to learn more about her passion for running and writing.

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