Hey Beauties,
Not only do we have the look we have the smell goods..Recently… well on January 26, 2016 to be exact, Dior launched its new perfume called Poison Girl. Its an addition to the series of Poison fragrances that was created in 1985.

You may remember other perfumes from the poison family such as Pure Poison, Poison Tendre, Hypnotic Poison and Midnight Poison.

Here’s tips on how to make your perfume last longer: 

Here are a few quick tips to help perfumes and colognes last longer when you wear them:

  • First rub in a dab of vaseline to the areas that you will be applying perfume to, then spray or dab on the perfume. The vaseline will moisturize the skin which helps hold the perfume longer than dry skin will.
  • Create layers of scent to hold the fragrance longer: Use perfumed soaps, shower gels, perfumed lotions or even scented dusting powders as a first layer of scent, then apply your perfume. Either choose products that are from the same perfume brand or a scent that will compliment the perfume that you will be wearing.
  • Make sure to apply fragrances to your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, neck, behind knees, etc.).
  • Lightly spray your hair, hair holds the scent longer than skin.

The longer your perfume lasts when you wear it, the less you have to use (and that saves cash!).

In addition to the smell goodies, Dior also has a new 5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens eyeshadow palette. (Shown below)



Dior describes new limited edition as a “treasure trove of flowers inspired by the gardens”

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