Michael and Brittney’s family has been virtually destroyed.  It has left the couple struggling to hang on to each other and their own sanity.Michael says, “it tore me down I had to leave work and go to the hospital I had a break down.”

If you think Michael and Brittney are exaggerating about how bad their lives are right now think again.”Just the thought of it being his grandchild and why he chose that particular person to do anything to it’s hard,” says Brittney.

It all began back in 2012 when Brittney says she allowed her father, 36 year old Jason Michael Grant, to babysit her 14 month old daughter.That father is now on trial here in Galveston County for what prosecutors say he did.

We spoke with Galveston County Assistant District Attorney Adam Poole says, “he’s accused of having the child one night and penetrating her and having it filmed by his girlfriend.” That girlfriend, 24 year old Alisha Drake, was convicted on possession of child porn but her case was overturned. Poole says because Grant’s friend stole his cellphone with the video on it, the court says Drake could not be prosecuted using the device as evidence.

He says, “it is still pending and we do intend on calling her as a witness in this case.”
As for the 14 month old’s parents who’s now 5 year old, they have since lost her because CPS placed the child with a foster family four years ago.  Brittney says they haven’t actually laid eyes on her in a full year.

Meanwhile, Michael says he’s not ready to forgive Grant yet.  He says he wants the man who violated his daughter – and his very own granddaughter while allegedly videotaping it to go to prison.Michael says, “I don’t completely forgive him but I just know that the lord is going to know the right decision today at the end of the trial.”

Source: Fox 5 Atlanta


4 thoughts on “News| 14 MONTH old sexually assaulted by grand-dad

  1. “Vengeance is mine” thus saith the Lord. This is one instance where I would be on trial for murder!!! I have nothing but ill feelings in my heart for this man and his girlfriend. She needs to be convicted as well!!!

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