Something about this story is just a little off to us..Sounds like this is a job for multiple people. Any who read below and tells us what you think.

In her plea agreement, Jennifer Choi acknowledged that she submitted fraudulent invoices and illegally took $940,000 from HBO, where she’d worked for nearly 10 years.“Ms. Choi has admitted to bilking her employer out of nearly a million dollars through a fraud scheme that used a fake company that provided no services,” said U.S. Attorney Eileen Decker. “This long-term scheme violated both her duty to her employer as well as federal law, and Ms. Choi now faces serious consequences beyond losing her job.”

Choi, who was fired in September 2014, was responsible for scheduling services – such as hairstyling, wardrobe and makeup – for actors associated with HBO shows. As part of her scheme, she set up a company called Shine Glossy, which she used to submit bogus invoices to HBO for style and makeup services. But according to court documents, the services never were provided, and HBO funds instead went directly into a bank account she had established. Through Shine Glossy, she submitted nearly 300 fraudulent invoices that led HBO to pay roughly $940,000.

Source: Dateline

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