A couple of weeks go in the UK the death of Sian Blake and her two young sons raised the profile of domestic violence to a national level. They were murdered by her partner, the father of her two children.

Sian was planning to leave the relationships but the body of her sons along with her own were found buried at the bottom of their garden. Her partner fled to Ghana shortly after Sian and her sons disappeared.

This story is heartbreaking just like so many others of women who plan to leave their abusive partners but never get that chance.

Sian’s neighbours were worried about her and the children and shortly before she disappeared a neighbour filed a report with the NSPCC (National Society for the protection of Cruelty to Children) as they were concerned about her safety and the safety of her children.

A neighbour decided to speak out and let their voice be heard. Domestic violence must and will come out of the closet.The conspiracy of silence is coming to an end. Survivors are taking courage by the horns and using what they have gone through to speak out on behalf of those whose voice has been silenced by an evil condition.

Are you willing to speak out? Are you willing to let your voice be heard? Can a survivor borrow the voice of your social media platform to declare an evil that prevails in our society?

I have asked the question, now dear reader what is your answer? I personally decided many years ago to lend the gift of my voice to raise awareness as it is an issue that affects and touches everyone in society. Humanity is hurting in so many ways globally. Make a commitment by taking a stand raise awareness.

Pastor Windsor Queensborough from Wolverhampton in the UK has written a book called “A time to speak out. The bible, The church and victims of domestic violence and abuse”. The book is available on Amazon and it a comprehensive book which urges the church to challenge domestic violence and to remove the wall of silence in its congregations. It is a great resource which encourages the church to become a place of safety for victims.

This is a voice of a Pastor who has decided to speak out. Let us do all we can to join our voice with his and make a difference in our society

Meet Jenny


Jenny Allen is the founder of Heart of Refuge.Heart of Refuge is a place where you can find encouragement and hope for your daily life. There is so much negative in the world and there are times we need to go to a secret place just to rest our heart. I hope my blog can be part of your secret place and a place for you to find refuge. Jesus also wants to take care of your heart.







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