Recently, Tennessee police reported that four children were left in a car alone found a gun in their mom’s purse and one child accidentally shoots the 7 year old child in the head.


Please take a moment to read PRESS RELEASE from Police Department to learn more about this incident:


Source of Press Release: Crossville Police Department

Please also take a moment to read about Ja’Mecca Smith , a young girl who found her dad’s gun in the couch and accidentally shot herself. Guns and kids do not mix.We dont think most kids really understand that real guns are not like the ones they may see on television or on video games.

2 thoughts on “News|7 year-old shot by gun found in MOM’S purse

  1. My heart and prayers go out to the child and the family. We must not use this as another reason to ban the right for citizens to own firearms. As a Navy veteran and the wife of a line- haul truck driver, I support the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people! In this case, this is an example of an irresponsible gun owner and parent. There is no way she should not have had a lock on the firearm or have had it unloaded. It should not have been left in the car with the children as well. She should be prosecuted for child endangerment and license to carry revoked.

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    1. Lydia this post is not about ADULTS carrying guns. Notice both stories are about guns and children. More like parents being negligent and kids getting hurt..If you carry a gun and no kids are at risk or immediate danger carry on…But its parents job to teach kids about guns otherwise who will. Side note our founder is a Marine wife..Thank you so much for serving 😊


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