As we move into a new year and many are looking forward to sharing time with loved ones around a gathering table full of food & drink, I can’t help but think of those who won’t be joining in on the celebrations. Raised by grandparents as well as my mom, I was blessed with traditions that spanned generations. Now that all three are gone, my heart aches as the holidays descend. My thoughts wander to those who are enduring the same…those who cannot be with their loved ones for various reasons. Knowing that many have loved ones who have either passed away, moved away, deployed, lost touch, or sadly have fallen off the radar just tugs at my heart strings.

Although it can be a rough time of year, I also understand the capabilities of the human spirit. Particularly when we are consumed by the emotional events that change us. It took quite some time before I was able to think of my mother without getting a lump in my throat. Six months after she passed, my grandpa (who I lovingly recognize as my dad) passed away. I was in a bad place emotionally and didn’t think the darkness would ever transition to light again. I was suddenly responsible for taking care of my grandma (who is equally my mom) while she was incredibly fragile after losing her youngest child and her husband. I was mourning the loss of two parents and had to switch into caregiver mode. 

What I didn’t expect was a switch into what I consider power woman mode. My mom rebounded and started to laugh again. I hit my stride and began to feel a sense of normalcy I hadn’t felt in over 2 years. I began to understand what so many had told me before…what many still say to this day. You are given this life and the strength required to live it to the fullest. I had a new found respect for the resiliency of humanity. For the innate sense that women in particular not only have, but embrace in times of pain and struggle. I developed respect for loss as it taught me profound love. Love that I recognize all year long, but carry with me as a light much like candles that adorn our gathering tables.

Meet Rosina


Rosina is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary life. Raised with a generation gap, she has the ability to connect with people across generational lines. Not to be mistaken for adventurous, she is unique and her experiences have shaped her vision. Never one to sit back and let things happen, she has ventured into blogging to connect with others and become web social outside of Facebook. As a 40something with a keen eye for professional identity branding and promotion, she is a prime candidate for brand influencing, product reviews, sponsored posts and custom promotion packages.

Her love of event planning has grown from a hobby with small, in home parties into large scaled events, up to and including multi city job fairs. With a loving husband as her rock, Rosina has been able to branch out into Amazon product reviews, guest blogging and Brand Ambassadorships. If you would like to contact Rosina, all info is below. Please check out the Media Kit for social media reach. | twitter @mrsmotta | IG mrs_motta | pinterest rosinamotta | G+ rosinamotta | Facebook cappuccinoconnected

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