Most of us hear about the shots made by basketball players-right?  We also hear about the shoes they wear and the cars they drive and etcetera, but as women we really never EVER hear about their community services and the things they do to build up others.

Recently twenty women oops sorry, we meant 20 SINGLE mothers were given the opportunity to go on a shopping spree days before Christmas. Talk about a right on time blessing. We all can relate to a right on time blessing especially when you are a single mother.  NBA player James Harden ,who is a product a single mother told media, “Growing up, my mom was by her lonesome, so I had to do a lot, me, my brother, and my sister,” said Harden. “So I can kind of relate.”

jh part 2

Harden and his mother took 40 local kids and 20 single mothers to a local Target in South Houston to rack up for the Christmas season. We’re grateful for the mothers that were afforded this opportunity and we hope that James’ efforts will continue to spread and uplift communities in need.



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