Depending on how close you are in the south you want to fry almost anything from vegetables to meat to sometimes desserts if you like “state fair” carvinal type food.

Here’s a simple recipe to southern fry almost anything…Really we mean it!

Okay to try this you have to consider the TEXTURE of what your frying. If what you are cooking has a soft wet outside you want to just coat it with flour or cornmeal to fry. One example of using this technique is when frying fish. Because of the texture of fish you would coat the outside with cornmeal.


Another example of this technique is by cooking fried liver. However instead of using cornmeal you would coat the liver with flour. You also use the same technique for pork chops and other similar meats.


To dress up a regular ground beef patty you could coat with just flour or with milk and egg mixture.Remember that ALL fried items mentioned require you to coat then fry in cooking oil.

Now here’s for the good part of southern frying:
Some items that you fry require just a little bit more than coating with cornmeal or flour.
For example:
Fried Green Tomatoes



To make Fried Green Tomatoes you use a mixture of egg and milk and coat with flour or meal. You use the same technique for chicken fried chicken or chicken fried steak.

As you can see you can southern fry anything!

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