To this day we can gladly say we’ve never found anything floating around in our food. If you happened to watch the trends on social media most of us have seen the chicken strip shaped as a rodent, grasshopper in greens and the list could go on and on. Recently  Penny Hagen, a Minnesota woman said she recently found a frog in her box of Barilla tri-color penne pasta. Barilla has since conducted an investigation into the incident.

“I had used one-half of the box and put the other half in the cupboard, then my husband knocked it off the shelf,” Penny Hagen told Fox 9. “The pasta fell directly on the floor with the petrified frog.”

Barilla told Fox 9 that their products “undergo a rigorous quality and safety inspection which prevent any introduction of foreign element into the product.” Nikutin went on to add, “In addition to Barilla’s internal review, an independent, third party lab also confirmed that, based on available information, there were no foreign elements in this product while the product was under Barilla control.”

Hagen said she got the impression from Barilla that they thought she was making it up — “My kitchen floor is very clean, and I would not have a petrified frog laying on it. I could eat off my kitchen floor,” she said.

Source: Fox 26 

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