Relatives of a young mother found dead in a pool of blood over the weekend believe her killer is a man she met on Facebook. A relative discovered the nude body of 25-year-old Sharae Bradford, face down in her bed at her apartment Saturday night.

mother killed
The Grio
The cause of death hasn’t been released, but family members say she was lying in a pool of blood. Relatives believe the person responsible is a man she met on Facebook who is mentally ill and has a long criminal record of violent crimes against women. “This was a cold-hearted monster that did this to my daughter,” said Yolanda Seay.  “He had this already planned for him to come in here and do what he did.  She didn’t bother nobody, she just wanted life, the best life possible for her and her daughter.  That’s what she was reaching for.” Bradford had a six-year-old daughter and she wanted to be a nurse. Relatives are thankful the little girl was not home when her mother was killed.
Police are searching surveillance video from the apartment complex for clues.

Source: 12 News 

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