Hopefully by now you had the opportunity to read our recent article about Elizabeth Laird also know as the “The Hug Lady”.  We recently shared a story about her because she inspired us. She was a person who greeted our soldiers who were either deploying or coming back from deployment in Fort Hood and since 2003 it’s estimated she’s handed out more than 500,000 hugs. At the time we shared the story about her she was in ICU in  Metroplex Hospital in Killeen.

Today Elizabeth Laird, better known to Fort Hood residents as the ‘Hug Lady,’ has issued a statement to the many people supporting her. Mrs Laird says, “I want to thank you so much for all you’re doing. Sorry I have not been able to come out there [the air field] yet, but I’ll be back. God bless each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing you again.”


Mrs. Laird would like to let soldiers know she is welcoming visitors to her new location at Copperas Cove Nursing Home and Rehab Center located at 607 W Avenue B. Her family is asking that you call before visiting.

Source: KCENTV 

We’re still inspired by Elizabeth and we’re thankful for the soldiers who have gone to visit or donate for her well-being.

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