Ja’Mecca Smith was the youngest of seven children, the baby of the family. She loved tic-tac-toe and the Disney movie “Frozen” and the colour red. She was a member of the first grade honor roll, a cheerful little girl with a sense of humour and a gap-toothed smile.

Ja’Mecca Smith.jpg

But police say a combination of negligence, a child’s curiosity and cruel circumstance ended her life Saturday, when Ja’Mecca accidentally shot herself in the head with a loaded gun she found tucked between the cushions of a sofa in her father’s home.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, police arrived at Ja’Mecca’s father’s Atlanta apartment Saturday morning to find the 6-year-old dead and her father gone. Authorities said the father, 25-year-old Demarqo Smith, briefly fled the apartment before returning to speak with police.

Source: National Post


6 thoughts on “News|Girl dies after shooting herself in the head with gun she found between couch cushions

      1. That is our ultimate prayer.Children see guns on television and videos and on the games and television the guns are shown in a playful/less dangerous way so kids really dont understand the dangers of them until its too late

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